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Melissa and Summer

Welcome to the Experience Revival Podcast, presented by Revive Ministries. Co-hosts Summer Shore and Melissa Campbell take a look at real-life issues from an eternal perspective. Over coffee and chai tea, Summer and Melissa talk about finding passion, purpose and power in Christ, and what that looks like in everyday life. Their goal is to help empower you to live intentionally in your identity in Christ and impact the world around you.

Sep 7, 2022

We have so many voices and influences surrounding us today trying to tell us who we should be. It can be difficult in the varying opinions of our current culture to maintain our identity solely in Christ. In this episode, we hear from licensed marriage & family therapist and professional counselor, Terra Mattson. Terra talks about a few ways we can navigate our current culture while maintaining our identity in Christ, as well as some valuable resources to help guide our children to do the same. 

Hosted by Summer Shore and Melissa Campbell

Music by Nathaniel Rodrigues

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