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Melissa and Summer

Welcome to the Experience Revival Podcast, presented by Revive Ministries. Co-hosts Summer Shore and Melissa Campbell take a look at real-life issues from an eternal perspective. Over coffee and chai tea, Summer and Melissa talk about finding passion, purpose and power in Christ, and what that looks like in everyday life. Their goal is to help empower you to live intentionally in your identity in Christ and impact the world around you.

Jun 8, 2023

As busy as we all are, our brains naturally struggle to remember anything that isn’t right in front of our faces, and it can be easy to forget that God is with us every moment of every day. But the practice of being aware of God’s presence is a crucial part of experiencing revival in our everyday lives. In today’s episode, we will talk about why being aware of God’s presence is so important, and share some practical ideas for how to live each day in the presence of our awesome God. 

Hosted by Summer Shore and Melissa Campbell.

Music by Nathaniel Rodrigues

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