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Melissa and Summer

Welcome to the Experience Revival Podcast, presented by Revive Ministries. Co-hosts Summer Shore and Melissa Campbell take a look at real-life issues from an eternal perspective. Over coffee and chai tea, Summer and Melissa talk about finding passion, purpose and power in Christ, and what that looks like in everyday life. Their goal is to help empower you to live intentionally in your identity in Christ and impact the world around you.

Apr 13, 2019

Nowadays we have a lot of pressure from the world around us to do all the things and do them perfectly; to be everything to everyone. The problem with trying to live up to this image or expectation is that we can end up feeling a sense of failure, that we are not enough, empty, exhausted, unlovely, and ever-striving but never arriving. What if we got off the hamster wheel of chasing our self-worth and identity from our jobs, roles and the approval of others? What if we first found confidence from knowing who we were made to be and owning that. What if we found our security from knowing that what defines us is who God says we are?

In this episode, we will discuss:

  • Where the source of our identity should be.
  • What God say about who we are.
  • How shame can redefine our identity by what we do or don’t do.
  • How we can break free from seeing ourselves through the lens of shame.
  • Ways we can find balance with so many mixed messages coming at us about who we should be and what we should be doing.

Hosted by Summer Shore and Melissa Campbell. Music by Nathaniel Rodrigues

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