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Melissa and Summer

Welcome to the Experience Revival Podcast, presented by Revive Ministries. Co-hosts Summer Shore and Melissa Campbell take a look at real-life issues from an eternal perspective. Over coffee and chai tea, Summer and Melissa talk about finding passion, purpose and power in Christ, and what that looks like in everyday life. Their goal is to help empower you to live intentionally in your identity in Christ and impact the world around you.

Aug 24, 2022

As summertime wraps up and we head back into the busier rhythms of fall, it's all too easy for our schedules to fill up, while our energy, patience, and peace are emptied out. When we look at the example of Jesus, however, we see a wonderful balance of Kingdom work AND rest. In this episode, Summer and Melissa talk...

Aug 5, 2022

There is a growing epidemic of loneliness happening in this country. Many people don’t feel loved and valued. They don’t feel they can be open and vulnerable and still be worthy of love and included in community. But there is something we can do about it!

In this episode, we talk with our friend Amanda Swick about...

Jun 15, 2022

Good friendships are a gift from God that can shape us to be more like Him. They are an avenue for us to experience His love and faithfulness. Nowadays cultivating deep and meaningful friendships can sometimes be difficult. It takes a whole lot of intentionality with a dash of Holy Spirit-fueled bravery. In this...

May 11, 2022

Do you have some new pandemic habits that have stuck even after you may no longer “need” them? Coming out of the pandemic, it seems we are all learning how to re-engage in life and in community after two long years of isolation and a daily rhythm that was anything but normal. After having to be separated from others...

Aug 13, 2021

Hope is a word we use often in our daily lives, but biblical hope looks different than what you might expect. In this episode, we talk about not just hope, but the confident hope that we can experience as children of God, and how even in seasons of waiting, we can still take heart and grow to be more like Christ.