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Melissa and Summer

Welcome to the Experience Revival Podcast, presented by Revive Ministries. Co-hosts Summer Shore and Melissa Campbell take a look at real-life issues from an eternal perspective. Over coffee and chai tea, Summer and Melissa talk about finding passion, purpose and power in Christ, and what that looks like in everyday life. Their goal is to help empower you to live intentionally in your identity in Christ and impact the world around you.

May 24, 2021

In this episode, we chat with Sue Donaldson of Welcome Heart about Spiritual Mentorship, the impact a mentoring relationship can make, and practical ways to get started being a mentor or finding one!

Sue is a Speaker & an author of Table Mentoring: A Simple Guide to Coming Alongside, and Say Something Special: 252 Conversation Starters as well as many more!

She blogs at Welcome Heart: Knowing and Showing the Heart of God and hosts a weekly podcast: Make It Count: Living a Legacy Life.  Sue and her husband, Mark, live in San Luis Obispo, California and have raised 3 daughters who keep them at the bank and on their knees. She taught high school English, part of the time in Brazil with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Sue is also a Writer and affiliate for The Joyful Life Magazine. Sue loves connecting people to one another, to God, and to His Word, and has been speaking for the last 20 years or so with long pauses for babies, diapers and soccer pasta parties.

Hosted by Summer Shore and Melissa Campbell

Music by Nathaniel Rodrigues

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